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Wendell Lee
brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the CPE Enrichment Program. As an educator, he has had to continuously learn and adapt to maximize academic outcomes and experiences. In his view, today’s challenges might be a blessing for students who learn through multiple modalities or fill the gaps that virtual education leaves for other students. Under his leadership, the Program’s structure emphasizes accountability while allowing individual flexibility in learning, socializing, being active, and personal exploration.

Most recently, Wendell worked with the JCC of Greater Baltimore with in the classroom and in the summer programs. Whether it is a team sport or studying for the SAT, Wendell uses a myriad of techniques that amplify each child’s ability to learn.  One of his favorite adages is “half of being smart is knowing what you’re not smart at.” It is his ability to understand the difference and uniqueness that makes him such an empathetic, compassionate, and successful educator. He views communication as essential in developing the parent, student, and teacher triad for success.

Teaching is only part of the experience that Wendell brings to the program. A lifelong athlete, he is also a coach of youth athletics. He is a devotee of the Positive Coaching Alliance, understanding the best results are garnered when a safe, challenging, respectful relationship is developed between teacher and student through patience over time.

Raised in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, he attended Princeton Day School and The Lawrenceville School before embarking on his collegiate experience. He holds a B.F.A from Trinity College, (Hartford, CT.) and a Master’s in Educational Supervision and Administration from Fairfield University (Fairfield, CT). Wendell is a teacher at heart. Starting his teaching career in Art, he soon progressed to Director of Admission and Financial Aid at Oregon Episcopal School (Portland, OR.) and Greenhill School (Dallas, TX.) Both he and his wife are lifelong educators and share a positive outlook and genuine concern for each pupil. He is the father of two grown sons, each with their own learning styles and differences.