Dialectal Behavior Therapy – Adults

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy or DBT is a cognitive behavioral approach focusing on those who struggle with managing their intense emotional experience in everyday situations. Specifically, it is for those who lack coping mechanisms, have extreme emotional responses to stresses, and who struggle to maintain relationships because of emotional instability. The goal of DBT is “to help individuals change behavioral, emotional, thinking and interpersonal patterns associated with problems in living.” This is accomplished by focusing on different areas of distress and identifying coping tools to manage emotional deregulation.  DBT training is 24 weeks.  For more information, click here.

Parenting Support

We offer a variety of parenting support groups and classes ranging from DBT skills, to school refusal parent management techniques, to supporting social skills, etc.

Young Adults and Tweens

Mindfulness – DBT for Teens

The Mindfullness/DBT for teens is a 12 week group that focuses on evidenced based techniques to enhance mind and body control via the application of skills to modulate mood to be effective in meeting life goals. This group is available for adults, young adults (18-24) and teens (14-18). This group, also referred to as mindfulness training, teaches selected Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills focused on mindfulness, emotional regulation, and distress tolerance. During the group, participants will learn skills related to tolerating painful events, decreasing impulsivity, and feeling more connected among other topics. Individual without DBT experience and those needing a refresher on DBT skills. The group may be used as an adjunct to existing individual therapy, although individual therapy is not required for enrollment. For more information on Mindfullness – DBT for Teens, please call the office or email

Social Skills for Teens and Young Adults/Social Skills for Tweens

Our social skills group is run with influence from the PEERS program.  The Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (PEERS®) is the leading research-based social skills training program for youth with social challenges. PEERS® has a strong evidence base for use with adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorders and is also appropriate for adolescents and young adults with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and other socioemotional problems. PEERS® has been disseminated to over 40 countries worldwide.  Depending on the time of year, this group runs in 8 or 16 week formats.  For more information on Social Skills groups for either young adults or tweens, please call the office or email

Persistence and Resilience – Teens/Young Adults

Some young adults struggle with the transition to adulthood; some parents call it failure to launch. Most young adults find the rites of passage into adulthood enabling and encouraging. (Think: attending college or having a full-time job.) However, for some young people these changes can cause regressive behaviors. At times, the adult child has attended college and may have a bachelor’s degree, but has found him or herself back in the parent’s home. These young adults may appear to be “stuck”.  This group focuses on building persistence and resilience in the face of life’s challenges, setting personal boundaries, goals and moving their lives forward. For more information on Persistence and Resilience groups, please call the office or email

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