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For virtual school during COVID 19 and beyond:

For children in virtual school, we know that time management, time physically outside, and positive social support are concerns for most households and that for some, IEP and 504 accommodations are challenging to meet at home.

  • We are fortunate to have experienced teachers and educators to support your child’s virtual school program, time management, social support, and structured time outside. They are qualified to tutor, provide additional strategies on standard testing approaches, and will provide you weekly feedback on your child’s progress.

CPE Clinic will offer an Enrichment Program in our offices in Lutherville and Annapolis. This program will provide additional structure to the day to maximize academic goals in addition to structured time outside and creative projects, tasks, and games to keep minds active and positive. The CPE Enrichment Program is led by Wendell Lee, an experienced teacher and youth coach. While each student’s day may look different, the tutors and staff will be flexible in attending to each student’s needs and in creating opportunities to interact safely as appropriate.

Program details

  • Limited enrollment, age group/academic grade clusters
  • Socially distanced, COVID procedures in place and enforced. Social agreement between all participants.
  • Certified to administer prescription medication if requested by parents.
  • Bring your own device, bring your own snack.

Program goals (depending on age and maturity)

  • Develop studying strategies based on executive function strengths.
  • Build effective use of time management.
  • Read the big picture: Schedule academic assignments/other activities.
  • Set up and support a successful daily routine.
  • Build a solid foundation in math and writing skills.
  • Support student with daily homework assignments.
  • Task initiation: How can I begin a big project? Chunking tasks.
  • Organization of classroom material for effective access.
  • Test taking strategy: Focus on what I know and what I can complete.

Program outcomes

  • Weekly updates to parents on student’s development, engagement, and success with academic plan.
  • Tutors enrich the virtual academics so parents can focus on parenting. ‘Home’ work is streamlined and succinct.
  • Routine and structure to help support virtual school down time.
  • Safe and supportive social interaction.

For more information on the Enrichment Program or the fee schedule, please call us at 410-979-2326.