Do any of the providers at CPE Clinic accept my health insurance?

All of the providers at CPE Clinic, LLC are out-of-network for all health insurance companies. Because everyone’s health insurance is a little different, we recommend that you call your provider about out-of-network benefits and reimbursement rates, which can vary.  You will receive an emailed receipt after at each visit with applicable diagnosis codes (ICD-9) and service codes (CPT) as required by insurance companies for reimbursement. If you want to pursue out of network benefits with your insurance company, please read our page on Seeking Out of Network Benefits from your Insurance Provider.

How often do I need to see a provider for medication management?

Most new patients meet with the psychiatrist 6-10 times over the first year. Most patients who are doing well and require ongoing medication monitoring will meet with the psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner about 4 times per year for medication management. However, appointments may be vary during crisis management or when changing certain medications.

Are the psychiatrists accepting new patients? How quickly can I get a new patient appointment?

The psychiatrists are accepting new patients and can sometimes see new patients in acute crisis the next day after contacting the office, pending availability. Usually, new patients are seen within 3-10 days of contacting the office. During the school year, we ask that new patients set up the initial evaluation in a time slot prior to 2:00 PM, so that afternoons remain open for follow up appointments, which cuts down on missed school time.

Are the psychologists accepting new patients? Do they have late hours?

All of our providers are taking new patients.  Some they can see new patients in acute crisis the next day after contacting the office, pending availability. Usually, new patients are seen within 3-10 days of contacting the office.  All of the psychologists recognize the importance of the work day and the school day and offer late hours to their patients.  Those late hours are not always available right away, but within a few weeks, patients can often move into those appointments.

What do I need to bring with me to the first appointment?

For new patient visits, we request that you bring hard copy of any previous psychiatric, psychological, or neurological evaluations as well as any medications currently prescribed or previously prescribed. You will be sent practice forms to sign electronically. If you do not receive them, please email Erin ( or Jennifer ( to have them resent.

Will the providers consult with my pediatrician or other mental health care provider?

With written permission (e.g. consent) from the patient or patient’s guardian, all of our providers will correspond with appropriate health care providers, school personnel, agencies, etc. While pediatricians and other primary care providers refer patients to us for specialized treatment, therapists and other mental health providers ask for consultations from our psychiatrists for concomitant treatment. Correspondence is obviously more frequent and more detailed with co-treating professionals.

Will the providers work with the school/school district to proactively manage my child’s challenges?

All of our providers are experienced and well known in many school districts and will correspond with schools on a variety of topics. If necessary, formal recommendations about classroom interventions related to 504 plans and individualized education plans will be made as well as suggestions about managing students with emotional difficulty (e.g. depression, anxiety, anger management) as well as behavioral difficulty (e.g. school refusal).

We have seen other psychiatrists and therapists, with little success and satisfaction. How will these providers be different? How will therapy be different?

We have a great group of professionals who are smart, very well-trained, compassionate and are committed to helping people. We consult with each other, collaborating as often as we can.  We want to understand our patients, we want them to get better, we want them to live their lives and then send us postcards years later about how well they are doing.

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All of our providers are out of network and do not participate with any insurance programs. Please contact your insurance provider – click here for a guide for How to Check Your Health Insurance.  Some clients have success advocating for out of network benefits – here is some information that you might find helpful about advocating for out of network benefits.


To make an appointment with any of our providers, please call the office line at 410-979-2326. You can also email or