About CPE Clinic

Our ability to provide excellent care to our patients, often with complex illnesses, is possible only with the quality and commitment of our entire clinical team.

CPE Clinic, LLC is comprised of leading psychiatrists and psychologists whose clinical expertise is built on years of research, teaching, and treating patients to deliver comprehensive clinical care in the field of mental health. Our team includes experienced nurses and social workers, rounding out our ability to treat the whole person through a variety of approaches.

Lead by Michael J. Labellarte, M.D. and Theresa Shank, Ph.D., CPE Clinic, LLC provides innovative yet proven approaches to manage complex mental health issues. Our providers are handpicked for their perspective, experience, and ability to manage and treat complicated cases successfully. Our reputations are well known among pediatricians, internists, and specialty providers.

Drs. Labellarte and Shank are pleased to announce that Dr. Magda Rodriguez Gonzalez has joined the practice. Dr. Rodriguez has experience treating adolescents and adults with anxiety and OCD as well as those who suffer with ineffective coping strategies and emotion dysregulation. Dr. Rodriguez’s expertise is based in her studying and training under Marsha Linehan, Ph.D., who established DBT, as well as, Charles Mansueto, Ph.D., a known expert in OCD/ERP. Dr. Rodriguez has the fortitude to dissect and understand the application of both specialized treatments in a way that allows her to help individuals reach their goals more effectively.

Dr. Rodriguez is accepting new patients and starting DBT and other groups in the Annapolis office. Please click here for more information on Dr. Rodriguez and here for more information on DBT and other groups.


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