Julie Butchart, DNP, PMHNP-BC is an advanced practice nurse practitioner licensed in mental health treatment in children, adolescents and adults. With over ten years’ experience, she knows the mental health care system can be difficult to navigate. Dr. Butchart understands the internal and external challenges patients and families face addressing medication responsive psychiatric disorders like anxiety, depression, ADHD, and Bipolar. Her strength as a provider is her ability to engage with her patients with empathy and holistic care that offers both medication and behavior management techniques that make a difference for both the patient and their loved ones.

As a graduate of the University of Michigan’s School of Nursing, Dr. Butchart was drawn to psychiatry from the beginning because of the combination of science, creativity, and diversity. She found that the best treatment plans are, like patients, complex. They’ll require multiple steps and creativity to ensure that they’re tailored to the patient’s needs. She embarked on her psychiatric nursing career at Johns Hopkins Hospital, working with a variety of diagnoses in both the inpatient and emergency settings. Over the decade that she worked there, she focused her practice on improving the quality of patient care using the latest evidence based practices, program coordination and supervision and mentorship. Dr. Butchart has since taken her skills into the outpatient environment to provide individualized patient centered care.

Dr. Butchart has presented at the national and international level on a variety of topics in psychiatry including safety planning, decreasing violence initiatives, and improving implicit bias among mental healthcare professionals. These works highlights her interest in improving processes that impact patient outcomes. Dr. Butchart maintains active membership in several professional organizations including the International Society of Psychiatric Nurses and the American Associations of Nurse Practitioners.

Dr. Butchart is pleased to join the providers at CPE Clinic, LLC. She trained with Dr. Labellarte (another Michigan graduate) and graduated from the same program as Dr. Streb.