Dr. Sarah Reading is a Johns Hopkins-trained, board-certified psychiatrist with the expertise to treat adult patients with a wide variety of psychiatric symptoms and life challenges.

Dr. Reading has applied research and training to understand the neurobiology of mental illness, yet she simultaneously has always understood that no symptoms or struggles can be reduced to neuronal pathways or aberrant neurotransmitter function. All symptoms are developed through the interplay of biology and a life lived by a human being in three dimensions. By employing this perspective and approach, Dr. Reading works with her patients to affect real change in their ability to function and thrive.

As a clinician, Dr. Reading has worked, through research and teaching, to clarify and improve understanding of the symptoms and diseases from which her patients are affected.  For these efforts and over the course of her career Dr. Reading has received numerous awards and recognitions for her clinical research and academic pursuits.  After completing residency at Johns Hopkins, the last year of which Dr. Reading was named Chief Resident, she awarded a National Research Service Award (NRSA) in Psychiatric Neuroimaging. Using functional and structural MRI, Dr. Reading worked to understand the relationship of certain cognitive process, psychiatric and neurologic symptoms to changes in brain structure and function. For her work, Dr. Reading was awarded the prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine “Clinician Scientist Award” after which she became a principle investigator in numerous NIH grants all aimed at improving our understanding of mental illness and the neurobiological underpinnings of same.

Dr. Reading has authored of numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, been an invited speaker at various professional and community meetings and forums and has been named a “Best Doctor in America” TM since 2010.

Having spent her career at Johns Hopkins Hospital, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and more recently caring for our Nation’s veterans, Dr. Reading has joined CPE Clinic, LLC in Lutherville to serve the community where she and her family live. CPE Clinic, LLC is comprised of leading psychiatrists and psychologists who offer expertise, experience, and access in the field of mental health.