Jamie Blum is a licensed social worker and professional certified coach. In both roles, she combines her expertise and skills in motivational interviewing and the foundations of cognitive behavioral tools to guide her clients to more innovative thinking that results in higher levels of personal agility and resilience where they are healthier, happier, and moving forward towards their life goals. Her work with adolescents and adults in both her mental health practice and in her coaching practice helps them to shift from striving to thriving in all aspects of their lives by building on their personal agility and resilience.

Ms. Blum takes a very problem focused approach with clients and works with them to develop action-oriented plans that assist the client in selecting strategies to help address those problems and move their lives forward. While supportive, she is direct in her approach.

In her role as a life coach, Ms. Blum works with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages who want to focus on increasing their personal development, working through a transition, or improving their ability to have and develop strong relationships with others. With her clients, Ms. Blum focuses on getting over life’s hurdles, whether situational or self-imposed, and make better life decision by helping clients to clarify a challenge, evaluate the choices based in their values, and implement change. The hardest changes are those made in isolation. See what a difference it can make to have a coach in your corner.

Ms. Blum joined CPE Clinic after practicing in Boston for 8 years. Ms. Blum obtained her BA in sociology from Bates College and after a brief detour in law school, she graduated from Simmons College with a Masters in Social Work (MSW). She became a certified life coach in 2015.

Ms. Blum co-authored an article in the Journal of Adolescent Health, examining gender differences in juvenile violence using the Add Heath Study. (Blum, J. Ireland, M. Blum, R. Gender Difference in Juvenile Violence: A Report from Add Health. JAdolescHealth 32(3) 234-240, 2003.)