Testing and Specialized Treatment

At CPE Clinic, LLC our providers not only diagnose and treat based on our expertise, but we provide testing and evaluations to enable the larger team of providers to be on the same page with learning and education of your child.

Every parent wants the best for his or her child. Understanding their strengths and weaknesses and knowing how to communicate that to educators and others helps to support your child’s growth and development.  Guidance and support through that process from someone who knows both the development and educational resources and the science behind effective interventions can be critical.

Diagnostic Evaluations

Diagnostic evaluations assesses difficulties in the behavioral, emotional and social realms of a child’s life.  Normally this is done in an intake appointment with one of our providers.

Psychological Evaluations

A Psychological Evaluation assesses how a child learns and processes information, highlighting strengths and weaknesses in cognitive functioning.  A subset of these tests can be often used for Gifted and Talented program admissions.  Ensuring that the child has the right support and knowing how to ask for it and advocate in the process is a key step to enabling your child to overcome any learning challenges or develop their talents.

Early Childhood Evaluations

An early childhood evaluation assesses all aspects of early development. At CPE Clinic, LLC, this evaluation is performed by an experienced clinical psychologist.  This testing is typically for children ages one to five.

What makes testing your child with us different or better?

Our testing is lead by Dr. Shannon Senefeld who is particularly experienced in a variety of testing in children. 

Our ability to produce a final, written report with keen insights is usually within a week to ten days – because of Dr. Senefeld’s expertise, passion, and the time she reserves for testing.

For most insurance companies, psychological and early childhood development testing is a covered expense.  You could wait months to go to a large hospital or get immediate answers with an expert you will have access to before, during and after the test results to ensure your questions are answered.