Testing and Specialized Treatment

At CPE Clinic, LLC our providers not only diagnose and treat based on our expertise, but we provide standard testing to enable the larger team of providers to be on the same page with learning and education of your child.

Every parent wants the best for his or her child. Every Teacher wants the best for his or her student. Developing a tailored program for your child's education is a daunting challenge. Guidance and support through that process from someone who knows both the educational issues and the science behind effective interventions can be critical.

Individual Education Plan (IEP) Consultation Services

IEP consultation services provide a second look at test results and plans currently in place with the schools. Ensuring that the child has the right support and the parent knows how to ask for it and advocate in the process is a key step to enabling your child to overcome any learning challenges. Dr. Laura Fraizer has experience in the school system, with these types of tests, and working with parents and children to help shape the best IEP plan possible.

Psycho-educational Testing and Diagnosis

Developing a tailored program for your child's education is a daunting challenge. Psycho-educational testing is a testing methodology used to uncover a child’s strengths, weaknesses, and emotional, social, and educational needs. The approach used by Dr. Theresa Shank and Dr. Laura Frazier at CPE Clinic LLC. is often more involved than what is provided by the school system and is extremely helpful in an IEP plan. Diagnosis of learning conditions or challenges using this process is part of the medical record, which is not the case with the standard tests provided through the school system.

Autism Testing and Evaluation

One of the most widely used observation instruments for the assessment of autism is the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) (Lord, Rutter, DiLavore, & Risi, 2008). The ADOS-2 is a semi-structured assessment of social interaction, communication, play, and imaginative use of materials for individuals who may have autism or other autism spectrum disorder (ASD). CPE Clinic, LLC and our partners can usually perform the test within two weeks of calling the office.