Social Anxiety/Social Effectiveness Skills Training Groups

We offer an evidence-based treatment for Social Anxiety and Social Effectiveness Skills. Using a Cognitive Behavioral emphasis, the focus is on dealing with anxiety in social situations. The group therapy component builds specific social skills that are often difficult for children and teens through psychoeducation, modeling, and behavioral rehearsal. The group will work on specific concepts, techniques, and skills that can help with your social issues. Social skills that are covered include: recognizing social cues, initiating conversations, maintaining conversations, joining groups, extending invitations, giving and receiving compliments, speaking on the telephone, proper assertiveness with peers and authority figures, and resisting peer pressure. Being in the group is a social experience in and of itself and it is often reinforced with individual treatment where the client learns to actively confront his/her fears in a systematic matter. Participants will get to practice the concepts through in-class, real-world exercises, and homework assignments.

The Social Anxiety/Social Effectiveness Skills Training group meets for 90 minutes with a CPT code of 90853 and a session cost of $125. Please contact the office at 410-979-2326 or email or for more information on Social Anxiety groups.