Psychologist Shannon Senefeld, Psy.D.

Shannon Senefeld, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist focused in the treatment of children with anxiety, behavior problems, depression, and those needing support in social skills development. She is an accomplished and sought-after expert in psychological testing evaluations that identify specific learning disorders, attention deficit, intellectual giftedness and learning strengths and weaknesses.

Dr. Senefeld's approach to conducting psychological testing assessments cover a range of disorders including learning disorders, mood disorders, cognitive impairment for a variety of health issues, and autism spectrum disorders.  Parents and educators value Dr. Senefeld's report results for their clear diagnosis, and her focus of providing useful insights that families can use to access necessary services after the evaluation. 

Dr. Senefeld has developed her expertise in treating children and families manage and overcome a wide range of mental health challenges.  She has authored several published studies and lectured on the effects of positive parenting, diverse approaches to parenting for diverse needs, measuring adolescent wellbeing, and studies which address the success and wellbeing of vulnerable children with mental health vulnerabilities.  She has worked with children, adolescents, and their families at Mt. Washington pediatric hospital and at Kennedy Krieger in Baltimore.  Dr. Senefeld has also worked full time in a separate field of international development, specializing specifically on family and children where she has lived and worked overseas in a variety of countries, making her perspective culturally competent and knowledgeable.  Dr. Senefeld is fluent in French.

In private practice, Dr. Senefeld specializes on children and families.  She specializes in more complex presentations, where more than one condition or factor exists.  Her approach combines a variety of approaches including cognitive-behavioral therapy with her patients and involves the parents, the school, other providers, and the support network where and when appropriate.  Dr. Senefeld works closely with Drs. Labellarte and Fuertes-Ramirez on cases involving autism and social skills, and anxiety and depression where medication may benefit therapeutic results.  She has experience treating ‘school refusal’ and insights into the school policies and procedures to manage this condition and support the student.

Dr. Senefeld received her doctoral degree in from Argosy University, Washington, DC. She completed her pre-doctoral internship with Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital in Baltimore, which included rotations in inpatient consultation and treatment, psychological assessment and evaluation, outpatient therapy, and with pediatric obesity. 

What are the fees for therapy with Dr. Senefeld?

Appointments are set up as 1 hour (up to 50 minutes face-to-face). Typically, therapy patients are seen for one hour therapy sessions. The CPT codes reflect the extent of service, but billing for appointment is always based on time.  The CPT code for the first visit is 90791 (1 hour face-to-face contact) for the initial appointment and 90837 (up to 55 minutes face-to-face contact) for subsequent appointments. The initial appointment with Dr. Senefeld is $200 and subsequent appointments are $180. (HOW TO CHECK YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE)

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