Our Providers
  Dr. Labellarte

Michael J. Labellarte, Sr., M.D. is a child and adolescent psychiatrist. Dr. Labellarte’s current practice centers around consultation and ongoing treatment of children and adolescents with complicated stories and complex psychiatric presentations. He utilizes psycho-pharmacotherapy, parent-management training, and other evidence-based treatment approaches.

Targeted issues for Dr. Labellarte’s expertise include medication responsive psychiatric disorders (e.g. ADHD, anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, OCD, and Tourette’s disorder), behavior disorders, academic and school-liaison difficulties, and consultation on forensic cases involving hardship due to immigration or hardship due to divorce. He is experienced in serving patients who often require complicated treatment combinations and collaboration with other treatment providers. He often treats the parents and siblings of his patients as well. Read more about Dr. Labellarte >>


  Dr. Labellarte

Laura K. Frazier, Ph.D.. is a licensed psychologist focused in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and mood disorders in children, adolescents, and adults. She is an accomplished and sought after expert in psycho-educational evaluations that identify specific learning disorders, attention deficit, intellectual giftedness and learning strengths and weaknesses. Read more about Dr. Frazier >>

  Dr. Shank

Theresa P. Shank, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders in children, adolescents and adults, and in psycho-educational evaluations of learning disorders, attention deficit disorders, and other developmental disabilities.

In addition to her expertise in treating obsessive-compulsive disorder, Dr. Shank specializes in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder, specific phobias, social anxiety disorders, separation anxiety disorder, and body-focused repetitive behaviors (such as hair pulling and skin picking), using a combined cognitive-behavioral, acceptance and commitment therapy, and systems approach. Additionally, she has more than 20 years of experience in psycho-educational assessment for learning, attention deficit, and other developmental disorders, and has tested well over 1000 children for these conditions. Read more about Dr. Shank >>


  Dr. Labellarte

Jamie Blum is a licensed social worker skilled in cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. Her area of focus is with adolescents and adults in both individual and groups settings. Ms Blum often works with adults struggling with anxiety, depression, and mood disorders as well as with individuals who struggle with drug addictions. Read more about Therapist Blum >>