Therapist Jessica Cordero, LCSW

Jessica Cordero is a social worker skilled in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), solution focused therapy (SFT) and experienced in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Ms. Cordero often works with adolescents and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, and mood disorders as well as addressing challenges with adjustment issues.

Ms. Cordero takes a very problem focused approach with clients and develops action oriented, client centric plans that assist the client in selecting strategies to help address those problems. While supportive, she is directive in her therapeutic approach. Ms. Cordero is experienced in Dialectical Behavior Therapy which has been proven to be helpful in the treatment of complex and challenging mental disorders that involve emotional dysregulation, PTSD, eating disorders, and sever mood disorders. Clients with these disorders often have great difficulty managing the emotional and relational crises of their lives because they lack the needed behavioral coping skills.

She utilizes parent and family education to support the growth and confidence of her clients, encouraging strong, healthy family dynamics. Ms. Cordero creates an environment that is warm and validating, while attempting to offer enough challenge and guidance to effect behavioral change and reduction of harmful behaviors.

Ms. Cordero graduated from Stony Brook University in 2010 with her Masters in Social Welfare. She has worked in Maryland as a licensed social worker since that time. She joined her colleagues at CPE Clinic, LLC in 2017.

Ms. Cordero is an out of network provider. Typically, Ms. Cordero sees clients for one hour in face to face therapy. The CPT code for therapy with Ms. Cordero is 90837 (60-minute psychotherapy). Ms. Cordero’s rate is $120 per therapy hour.

What are the fees for therapy with Ms. Cordero?

The CPT codes reflect the extent of service, but billing for appointment is always based on time. Appointments are set up as 1 hour (up to 50 minutes face-to-face). Typically, therapy patients are seen for one hour therapy sessions. The CPT code for the first visit is 90791 (1 hour face-to-face contact) for the initial appointment and 90834 (45 minutes face-to-face contact) for subsequent appointments. The initial appointment with Ms. Cordero is $140 and subsequent appointments are $120.(HOW TO CHECK YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE)