Therapist Jamie Blum, LSCW-C.

Jamie Blum is a licensed social worker skilled in cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. Her area of focus is with adolescents and adults in both individual and groups settings. Ms Blum often works with adults struggling with anxiety, depression, and mood disorders as well as with individuals who struggle with drug addictions.

Ms. Blum takes a very problem focused approach with clients and develops action oriented plans that assist the client in selecting strategies to help address those problems. While supportive, she is directive in her therapeutic approach. Ms. Blum is also trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy which has been proven to be helpful in the treatment of complex and challenging mental disorders that involve emotional dysregulation, PTSD, eating disorders, and sever mood disorders. Clients with these disorders often have great difficulty managing the emotional and relational crises of their lives because they lack the needed behavioral coping skills.

Using both acceptance and change strategies, DBT asks the patient to find a balance between accepting reality as it is, and maintaining a strong commitment to change. Ms. Blum creates an environment that is warm and validating, while attempting to offer enough challenge and guidance to effect behavioral change and reduction of harmful behaviors. The goal is to help clients create “a life worth living.”

Ms. Blum supports the research which has shown that DBT treatment is most effective when it includes individual therapy and a weekly skills training group. She offers both components. For information about individual DBT therapy or skills application and coaching, please email

Ms. Blum joined CPE Clinic after practicing in Boston for 8 years. She has brought her individual and group therapy experience to the practice.

Ms. Blum obtained her BA in sociology from Bates College and graduated, from Simmons College, with a Masters in Social Work (MSW). Ms. Blum co-authored an article in the Journal of Adolescent Health, examining gender differences in juvenile violence using the Add Heath Study. (Blum, J. Ireland, M. Blum, R. Gender Difference in Juvenile Violence: A Report from Add Health. JAdolescHealth 32(3) 234-240, 2003.)

What are the fees for therapy with Dr. Shank, Dr. Frazier, or Ms. Blum?

The CPT codes reflect the extent of service, but billing for appointment is always based on time. Appointments are set up as 1 hour (up to 50 minutes face-to-face). Typically, therapy patients are seen for one hour therapy sessions. The CPT code for the first visit is 90791 (1 hour face-to-face contact) for the initial appointment and 90834 (45 minutes face-to-face contact) for subsequent appointments. The initial appointment with Ms. Blum is $160 and subsequent appointments are $140. (HOW TO CHECK YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE)