Individual Education Plan (IEP) Consultation Services

Every parent wants the best for his or her child. Every Teacher wants the best for his or her student. Developing a tailored program for your child's education is a daunting challenge. Guidance and support through that process from someone who knows both the educational issues and the science behind effective interventions can be critical.

Why should I consider an IEP consultation for my child?

The IEP process is designed to help those students who are struggling in the classroom for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, behavior issues, social skill development and mood concerns. While the school system does an admirable job, a third party, expert review of the components of the IEP can be helpful when things don’t seem to be progressing and supplemental testing can be done to confirm diagnosis, the appropriate accommodations and modifications, confirm approaches and measure progress and development made by your child.

What is involved in an IEP consultation?

A basic consultation includes a review of the existing IEP, the diagnosis and test results used to develop the IEP. This process involves providing us with the existing IEP records and a face to face meeting. From there, we make specific recommendation to you regarding focus areas, alternative treatments/educational methodologies, ways to measure improvement and progress expectation, as well as any other insights we would recommend. If there is any specific areas that we suggest in an IEP, we provide it in a written format that could be submitted during an IEP team meeting as additional recommendations to the actual plan.

In addition to reviewing the IEP records and face to face meetings, we may suggest additional testing to highlight the psycho-educational aspects of your child’s learning challenges. These results can be viewed as a second opinion, medical opinion, or expert opinion that you could use in the IEP team meeting. Many insurance companies reimburse for these types of tests. These evaluations, taken along with those administered by the school, will provide more context regarding expectation for progress and skill development. These insights often make significant differences in the classroom experience for both the teachers and the student and both report more progress and achievement as a result.

How long does an IEP consultation last and how much does it cost?

Consultation can occur at a variety of levels of intensity. Each level involves more time and commitment by our consultants. Each situation is different and each family will determine the level of consultation that is right for their circumstances. Fees range from $750 for a basic review and recommendation to $1200 for more advanced and complex cases. Those fees would not include testing administration, scoring, and reporting.

Who performs the IEP consultations?

Dr. Laura Frazier and Dr. Theresa Shank have expertise in working and collaborating with schools on IEP content using a student’s strength-based approach.

Dr. Theresa Shank of CPE Clinic, LLC brings over 20 years of experience in testing children for IEP content and consultation. She has performed numerous evaluations on preschool children and children with developmental disabilities such as autism, mental retardation, and cerebral palsy. In all, she has tested well over 1000 children and has an excellent sense of typical and atypical development. Warm and compassionate, she sets both parents and children at ease, presents test results in plain English, and provides comprehensive reports that can be used to help children get the services and accommodations they need to reach their full potential.

Dr. Laura K. Frazier is a licensed psychologist with over 10 years of experience in testing children and adolescents. She has performed numerous evaluations on children and adolescents with developmental and learning disabilities. Prior to earning her doctorate, Dr. Frazier worked as an elementary school counselor in the public school system, providing students with educational planning and personal-social development. She brings the diversity of perspective from testing across regions in the United States, giving her insights from many approaches and has insights not easily found with other providers. Friendly and approachable, Dr. Frazier’s energy and compassion is easily felt both by children and their parents alike.

They offer consulting and insights to parents on the development of scientifically-sound educational plans that stand the best chance of developing effective skills for their child. They have a demonstrated track record of success for our child clients in both public and private school settings. Our School IEP Consultation Services include: